Our Mission

At Take Our Hand we understand how difficult it is to be a young person, so when you add a bereavement to the mix it can have a detrimental effect on them, their lives and those closest to them. This is why at Take Our Hand we want to help young people across Norfolk who are going through a bereavement. We believe that all bereavements have an impact on someones life, be it a parent, friend or colleague, they are all hard to deal with.

We felt that there were already many charities that offer counselling to help someone through a bereavement but there aren’t many offering other ways to help. Which is why Take Our Hand was formed.

“I really appreciate Take Our Hand, you’ve been an incredible support and I just want you to know what you do for people in need is incredible”

We will be offering support through alternative therapies and through activities such as art, music and gardening.
We also feel it’s important for those going through a bereavement to have the support of others who can understand what they are going through. This is why we run both online and face to face support groups.

Take Our Hand believes there is no time limit on grief and therefore no time limit on the service we provide.