Liv’s Story

@takeourhandorg are encouraging us to sit down, have a cuppa and talk about our grief. I’ve been mourning the passing of my Nana for 3 years now and it’s really hard. She was my biggest cheerleader; she knew what I was thinking and wanted before I did. She was a huge part of my childhood and an even bigger influence on my adulthood. I miss her every single day. It might seem odd, but I talk to her regularly too. I ask her for a sign, to help me with those big decisions. I still feel so connected to her even though she’s not here anymore.

She has and always will be my rock and role model. Writing this is really hard because I rarely talk about this as I know how upset I get when doing so. This campaign is so important because we all deal with these things in different ways and whether it’s talking to your family, friend or a professional grief is something that doesn’t leave you and it can be really tough to work through. Don’t bottle it up (like I can do) share, talk, cry, reminisce and laugh about the good times. Sending love to you all, I know this year has been particularly tough and my DMs are always open.