Alex’s Story

Alex Gough started with an idea in 2017 that she wanted to start a bereavement charity helping young people who live in Norfolk to cope with the loss of their loved one. In January 2018 her vision became a registered charity called Take Our Hand.

Alex founded the charity following the sudden death of her boyfriend in 2011 when they were both just 19. Having never experienced death before, Alex struggled with her grief and with no one around her who could understand how she was feeling she went looking for help. Unfortunately she couldn’t find the support network of similar people who could help her and so struggled to deal with it on her own.

Alex received counselling but felt it was the fundraising and taking part in sporting activities that really helped her deal with her grief and something that still helps her today.

Alex was fortunate to have amazing friends and family around her who tried to help and kept her on the right track, picking her up when she went through very low moments. Being aware that not everyone has that around them and that without those people Alex is sure her life would have taking a a very different path she founded Take Our Hand to be that support to people.

Take Our Hand is there to provide a support network for each other and to help them process their grief through alternatives to counselling.